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Request a token to eliminate the send-a-message CAPTCHA step

Tired of entering the CAPTCHA words on the send-a-message page? Contact me using the link below. Once you are approved, you will not see that section in the future. Your token lasts indefinitely UNLESS:

  1. You send spam. In that case, your account is permanently deactivated.
  2. Your delete your cookies. However, you can easily reactivate your token.
  3. You switch to a new browser. However, you can easily reactivate your token for that browser, too.

I will approve your token request if you've ever purchased any of my books, products, or services. I think it is a safe assumption that spammers would never purchase anything to send ONE spam message, because sending just one message is all it takes to have that token permanently revoked.

I realize that not everyone needs to read my books on weight loss, health, and sex, so I am willing to consider, on a case-by-case basis, token requests from others, too. However, considering the prevalence of obesity and ill health, most of you could benefit from reading what I have to say — which is not the usual boring material that makes people spend their free time with iPods or TVs rather than books. Furthermore, as a doctor, I know that the average "experienced" spouse knows less than 1% of what he or she should know about sex even if you've already read dozens of books on this topic. 99% of you think you know everything you need to know, but if you try to skate through life with such exiguous knowledge, you will cheat yourself and your partner out of much of the satisfaction that you deserve. Sexual pleasure is the primary “glue” that binds men and women together for a lifetime of commitment. It's not sharing a mortgage or other mundane matters.

But what if you are not overweight and are too young to have sex? In that case, you are probably a student. If so, you should read the wealth of free information I posted on my ER sites ( and in which I explained how I went from dunce to doctor and graduated in the top 1% of my class in medical school. That information is applicable to all people who wish to increase their IQ or creativity, not just people with aspirations of a medical career.

I know that substantially augmenting brainpower probably seems implausible, but that is because our schools and universities employ teaching methods that make their students more knowledgeable, not smarter. My best friend is a psychologist who deals with children who struggle academically. From my many discussions with her, I know that psychologists administer tests to identify why students don't perform as well as they should, but they generally don't have any great solutions. I do. In sixth grade, I was evidently dumb enough to make my exasperated teacher call me "slow" in front of the class, yet I later had various physicians telling me that I was the smartest doctor they ever met. No school or college can produce this degree of intellectual metamorphosis because the edification they provide is (to use a computer analogy) focused on stuffing more facts in memory banks, not improving the CPU that processes that information.

If you're smart enough to care about spam, you're also probably smart enough to want to be even smarter. If so, starting reading my free online information. Synopsize enough of my take-home messages to prove that you're a serious student, not a spammer, and I will give you a free token to eliminate the CAPTCHA step.

To request a token to eliminate CAPTCHAs, send a message to me using the link below:

You MUST include the following with your request:

  • Your name and handle (if they are not already prefilled for you)
  • What product or service you purchased from me OR some other evidence that you are a decent human being, not a spammer.